At SRB, clients are our priority For us.

our customers are partners with whom we can build collaborative relationships that go beyond the simple relationship between supplier and customer to share knowledge and to enrich each other.

We are constantly evolving with the aim of improving performance and products to meet the needs of our customers. For this purpose, we have expanded our range of products, strengthened the professionalism of our staff and invested in technology and transport to be increasingly reliable and offer the market a product of certified and guaranteed high quality.

Customer satisfaction is our main objective, hence why we pay particular attention to their needs and requests by providing two dedicated teams.

Quality of the SRB mission

qualità nella mission di SRB

At SRB, we feel responsible for bringing our sugar to the tables of our consumers every day.

In this sense, our daily efforts are focused on continuous improvement in order to ensure high quality standards that allow us to meet the needs of our customers as well as the food safety requirements established by the applicable laws.

To maintain these high quality standards, our technicians carry out hundreds of accurate analyses in our laboratory every day.

Our Quality Control System is not only ISO 22000 certified, but it also boasts a series of other certifications (Halal, Kosher etc.) that allow us to meet the needs of all our customers regardless of the sector in which they operate (Retail, Industrial, Foodservice, Speciality and Consumers).

Human resources

Founded in Italy in 2008, SRB is now a global group with a strong international presence. Over time, the company has been able to differentiate its strategies in order to compete more effectively within its main markets. This DNA allowed us to grow and develop over the years.

This would not have been possible without our people at SRB, that is to say, without the contribution of the professional resources that have been and are a part of the company. These people have, in every sense, been the true leading force of this evolution.

We hold ourselves accountable

Because working for the Group means adopting responsible behaviour towards the environment, the community, colleagues and the various external stakeholders, whether they are customers or suppliers.

We create value

Because being a part of SRB means focusing one’s activities on the creation of value, which is fundamental for the future growth of the company itself.

We develop talents

Because we believe that we can only really lay the foundations for consolidating our future through the development and capitalisation of human resources.

We boost innovation

Because the way to be competitive today and, above all, to improve your future competitive position, is to continuously boost innovation.

We work together

Because, last but not least, working well together within the Group, and with our partners, is the key to sharing knowledge and enriching each other.

Each of these represents our “way” of being and is the basis of any initiative and activity we engage in.

The customer is the focus of our mission because we are all customers.

Ethical sourcing of raw materials

fairtrade foundation


SRB is a proud supporter of the Fairtrade initiative; in order to ensure that the Fairtrade rewards are correctly used for the development of farmers, a member of our team is fully dedicated to our relationship with the Fairtrade organisation.

In this way, we help support over 20,000 families in developing countries.

You can find further information on the Fairtrade foundation on www.fairtrade.org.uk.

Support and Innovation

A large proportion of the cane sugar we source comes from suppliers with whom we havelong-term agreements.

In order to support these suppliers, through our business partners, we invest in teams that provide field consulting by assisting and actively participating in the process of improving and implementing best practices and innovative systems for plantations and sugar mills in developing countries.